Students are the heartbeat of Belmont School and are always encouraged to be involved in their school and its community. They can do this in a variety of ways, eg representing their class on the school council, completing reviews and putting forward ideas, helping raise funds for charity and school projects.

School Council

Pupils at Belmont School can become actively involved in school matters by election to the school council.  Each academic year one pupil from each tutor groups (Upper Primary and Secondary), will meet once a term where they are encouraged to share their views affecting school and wider lives. A member of the teaching staff will listen to their views and support the School Council to realise their goals.

The School Council decide on topics for the school to focus on for each academic year.  Activities may include whole school competitions linked into our reward scheme, assemblies, special projects and guest visits.  A financial budget is available to support School Council initiatives and the student can raise additional funds to support this.

Recent activities the School Council have been involved in include:

        • Meeting the builders responsible for new school facilities and approving newly completed classrooms
        • Representing the school during the official opening of new school facilities
        • Organising a competition for Comic Relief
        • School councillors members attend interviews for prospective staff and asked questions important to the student body and contribute towards the school recruitment process
        • Showing visitors around the school and answering questions about the school
        • Acting a mentors and “buddies” for new or younger children
        • Consultation about the names, colours and character of the new house system

Recent ideas and suggestions discussed by the School Council include:

        • Summer school uniform
        • Apps for the iPads
        • A review of the current attendance rewards


December 2017 Council Minutes

January 2018 School Council Minutes

May 2018 School Council Minutes

December 2018 School Council Minutes

Day to day student voice

Assemblies, tutor time, PSHE and other lessons provide opportunities for students to express themselves and share their ideas.  Staff are trained to help students to do this and help them develop into respectful and mature young people ready for the wider world.  All Belmont staff receive safeguarding training and give priority to any student needing to talk or asking for advice or guidance.