At Belmont we believe direct experience of places and activities away from school are an important part our pupils’ development. We ensure trips are suitable and relevant to the pupils’ age group and are linked to an area of the curriculum. Trips offer a great opportunity for pupils to discover, take part and enjoy a range of things and to practise their social skills in less familiar settings.

Parents are asked to complete a permissions letter at the beginning of the year to give permission for their child to attend trips out of school. Information about a trip is provided prior to the event where a packed lunch and/or special clothing is required or the event goes beyond normal school hours.

Some lessons may be located away from school, these include swimming, horse riding and soft play – for more information go to our Curriculum page.

Additional whole or part day trips are sometimes arranged to support different areas of the curriculum, eg the local park or supermarket; science, art, IT and language events; vocational related trips to support Catering or Childcare courses.

Day trips are arranged as part of our Enrichment Programme, often as a Key Stage, Primary or Secondary event.


Residential Visits

Residential visits are arranged for some classes in each Key Stage to ensure all pupils have an opportunity to participate in these during their school life.

Consideration is given to the location and duration of the trip, according to the age and size of the group. We try to choose visits that offer great value for money too, but we do rely on parents to fund them to ensure they go ahead.

As with all of our trips, risk assessments for each residential are always completed to ensure pupils remain safe while enjoying the trip.

We believe the residential visits offer a great opportunity to for our pupils to develop, especially in confidence and their social skills through new and varied experiences. Examples of recent residentials are St Braivels Castle (YHA) in the Forest of Dean, camping near Berkley, Cardiff and Condover Hall outdoor activity centre near Shrewsbury.

You can find more about what pupils get up to during their trips and residential visits in our school newsletters

Berkley Camping