Belmont strives to build strong relationships with parents and carers of our pupils. We know that when this happens pupils’ are more likely to feel safe and happy at school and feel supported in their development and achievement too.

Ways in which we are able to foster relationships

    • Parents/carers are able to message their child’s tutor directly using ‘Class Dojo’ to ensure important information about their child is shared quickly. (For further information and Class Dojo permission form please click here
    • Where appropriate, staff will contact a parent/carer to keep them informed and up to date with specific issues relating to their child.
    • The school has a Primary Contact system which is used to send texts to parents/carers’ mobile phones, eg future events or changes to events and reminders.
    • Letters are sent home or emailed to parents with important information, to gain permissions or invitations to events.
    • Regular parent meetings to discuss aspirations, their child’s development and achievements etc.
    • Belmont regularly posts news on its website and produces newsletters throughout the school year to showcase and share information about activities in school and celebrate its many success stories.
    • Parents are invited to attend a range of school events such at the Christmas Carol service, sports day and special assemblies.
    • Parents are encouraged to partake and/or support the Friends@Belmont who arrange events for pupils and their families.

Home, School and Student Agreement

In order to help every child “be the best they can be”, it’s important that the school, parents/carers and students understand their responsibilities and work together. To achieve this we have a School, Home and Student Agreement

Review and Meetings

Parents/Carers of pupils are invited to the school to discuss their child’s progress and achievements as part of the Education, Health Care Plan meeting and Parent Conversations.

The Annual Review of the Education Health and Care Plan is organised by the school. Relevant professional and parents/carers are invited to attend to discuss the progress and needs of the child.

Parents are also invited to attend Parents Conversations twice a year to discuss their child’s achievement and aspirations for the future.

We appreciate the efforts made by parents to attend planned reviews and consultations and the ongoing support they provide for their child’s education. Where parents find it difficult to attend meetings, staff will endeavour to consult with them to ensure their views are heard and considered.