Considering a special school for a child can be a daunting task. We welcome visits from parents and carers who are considering Belmont as a suitable school for their child. Admissions to all Gloucestershire Special Schools come via Gloucestershire County Council.  Parents and carers who feel Belmont could meet the needs of a young person are unable to apply directly to Belmont for places.  In the first instance please discuss the possible request for a school change with your school’s SENCO or Headteacher, or at the EHCP review. These requests will be looked at by Gloucestershire Local Education Authority’s SEND panel. The panel will consult with special schools on whether the needs of the child can be met within the special school before making a decision. Parental preference will be considered when placing a child.

We are a small special school (170 pupils) for 4-16 year olds with class sizes which range between 6-12 pupils.  If parents would like to arrange a visit they can contact the school on 01242 216180 or complete the  contacts page on this website. A Key Stage Leader or senior member of staff will contact them with regards to organising a parental tour or direct them to one of our Open Days. Our staff can talk to parents regarding their child’s needs and what is on offer, but cannot look at the EHCP during this time. Future visits and tours can be arranged if needed.