At Belmont School we believe that all students should have access to a rich, varied and challenging curriculum, one that fosters enjoyment in learning and develops lively enquiring minds, instilling a positive attitude towards life-long learning. Our school motto is ‘To always be the best we can be’.

We strive to enable our pupil’s at all key stages to develop and utilise their talents and skills, providing an effective, positive and supportive learning environment where everyone can flourish and succeed.

We aim to work harmoniously with parents, educational organisations and the world of work, to offer pupils a fully-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the society in which they live. Belmont is also dedicated to engaging positively in the life of the local community for the benefit of all and in minimising the negative impact of the school on the environment at large.

In this regard Belmont strives to reduce its carbon footprint and improve sustainability throughout the school by considering the environmental impact generated by its operational activities and procurement policy. Some examples include:

  • double glazing increased to reduce heat loss
  • site maintenance and improvements to central heating system to improve efficiency and reduce consumption of gas and electricity
  • new print management system to reduce the volume of printer cartridges used and to recycle used cartridges
  • lighting replacement to LED programme to reduce energy consumption and light pollution
  • switched to recycled paper where possible
  • phasing out the use of plastic cups
  • recycling food waste
  • recycling garden waste
  • recycling in classrooms – supported by Eco-warriors in School Council
  • less general waste produced – a shift from 2 x general waste bins and 1 x recycled waste bin to 1 x general waste bin and 2 x recycled waste bins
  • participating in Tesco’s Community Food Connection programme – local supermarket surplus is collected and used to support Belmont School’s breakfast club and cooking lessons
  • composters on site
  • planting additional trees on site – supported by the Rotary Club and Woodland Trust.