Q: How do I get a place for my child at Belmont?

A: All students must have an Education, Health and Care Plan and all requests for a placement go through the Local Authority – for more details go to our Admissions page.  

Q: What if Belmont is full when I need a place for my child?

A: It’s common for Belmont to be full regarding it’s commissioned places with the Local Authority.  Each year when our Year 11 children leave we have spaces for new children each September.  In year admission can agreed with the support from the Local Authority and where the Headteacher agrees to the placement.

Q: Can I visit your school to see if it is suitable for my child?

A: Yes, we hold regular open mornings/afternoons and school tours for prospective families and SENCOs – contact us on 01242 216180 to book an appointment.

Q: How do you work with other schools?

A: Belmont has strong links with many other special schools and lots of Cheltenham mainstream schools.  We offer in-reach placements to children who may be struggling in mainstream and offer out-reach/in-house specialist training and CPD for educational professionals.  For more information on these opportunities go to our Community Links, In-reach/Outreach pages.

Q: Will my child be safe?

A: Keeping our students safe at all times is most important to us. All staff recieve regular training in safeguarding and there are many procedures in place eg regarding visitors, emergencies and behaviour to ensure the school is a safe environment for everyone.

Q: What do you offer as a Special School?

A: Go to our ‘Local Offer’ and SEND report to get an overview of school’s approach, support and facilities help young people.  We have specialist staffing, adapt curriculum, class sizes between 6 and 12 and an extensive interventions programme.

Q: What do you include in your curriculum?

A: Our curriculum is varied and suited to the needs of our students. The focus is on learning key skills and to develop our students in becoming more independent in all areas of their lives. For details, go to our Curriculum page.

Q: What qualifications can students achieve at Belmont?

A: All students have an opportunity to achieve Entry Level Certificates or Awards. Some may also be entered for GCSE or Level 1 courses. For details, go to our Accreditation page.

Q: What extra-curricular activities does the school offer?

A: The school offers a range of extra curricular activities including a Breakfast Club before school,  sports and art clubs after school, day and residential trips. The school also has an enrichment session every Friday, for all students, who can choose each term from a wide range of activities.

 Q: Are students given homework?

A: Yes. Sometimes this might be reading or written homework or completing activities online.

Q: How much is technology used in the school?

A: All classrooms are fully equipped with interactive white boards. All students have access to an iPad Mini (which can be purchased over time if desired) which are used during lessons and offer a range of learning applications. Technology is taught throughout the school, including staying safe online, and Key Stage 4 students complete an ICT qualification.


If you still have questions please call us – we would love to help!    01242 216180