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Consultation for partnership project

As many of our parents and carers will be aware we are increasingly working in partnership with other schools to provide the best education and opportunities for our students.  The partnership with our neighbour special school, Bettridge has been particularly beneficial this year and we now have a considerable opportunity to work with them and the Local Authority to help educate more children in the future and improve facilities for both schools.

The link below has further details of the proposal which is to increase the number of places available at Bettridge Special School by 16 to help meet the needs of students between the ages of 16-19 year olds from September 2016 and in the future.

What’s the link to Belmont school?

The proposed project would require Bettridge to build an extension onto some of Belmont’s grounds.  Although this will not mean a reduction in the facilities or sports available to Belmont students it’s a considerable commitment for Belmont to support the plan.

Are there advantages for Belmont students?

The proposed project is a partnership between the Local Authority, Bettridge School and Belmont school.  Because the project involves established special schools, not only will it provide additional facilities for Bettridge but the cost savings will enable Belmont to make improvements to our site, buildings and sports facilities.  

What do the School Governors of Belmont think?

At this early stage the school’s governing body are giving an agreement in principal to the project.  The School Governors and I believe the benefits of improved facilities for Belmont and the opportunity for more of Gloucestershire’s SEN children to attend an excellent local special school, outweigh the relatively small impact on our site.  The Governors have stated a number of conditions on the project to ensure the best interests of Belmont and its students are never compromised as a result of this project.

What if I have questions or want to express my view?

Please contact Kevin Day at Belmont School or the Local Authority via the consultation process.

This is an exciting time for Belmont and this project has the potential to enhance the lives and education of many young people, but it’s very early days so please share any views during the consultation period.

Many thanks

Kevin Day, Headteacher

For further details about the project and how you can express your views please go to:

 GCC_1267_Bettridge_Consultation-v1.pdf       and


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